Our free consultation comes at no cost to you for finding substantial value in your journey and customizing a personalized business model that fits your criteria. We will guide you through every step of the process to help you live your life on your own terms.


Q. Is it really free?

A. Absolutely, it’s entirely free. We collaborate with many franchisors, business opportunities and franchise resales. These entities utilize our services to identify qualified well-informed buyers. Similar to how employers compensate “Head Hunters” or placement agencies for sourcing suitable candidates. These companies partner with us to aid them in finding the perfect franchise candidate. Our assistance proves invaluable, there are no costs involved for you, neither upfront nor additional fees for using our free coaching services.

Q. Does engaging your services incur extra startup costs for me?

A. Never the franchisors we work with understand when we introduce a candidate they have been through our process and match their expectations of you, the candidate.

Q. Am I obligated to continue working with you if I decide against purchasing a franchise or business?

A. Absolutely not should you realize at any point for any reason that pursuing your entrepreneurial dream isn’t the right path, simply inform us and we will extend our best wishes. Business ownership is not for everyone.

Q. Why shouldn’t I directly contact the franchises I’m interested in?

A. You certainly can but you might discover (often after extensive research and waiting for information) that your preferred franchisors may not align with your objectives. This is where assistance from our streamline coaching process can expedite your search. We have direct access to multiple opportunities that recognize and value our role in enhancing our candidates understanding of franchise ownership. We will save you considerable time and effort while connecting you with the right opportunities.

Q. How long does the evaluation process typically last?

A. Each individual varies but generally the whole process takes anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks for you to do the diligence and educate yourself on the brands we present.

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